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Time for a new cell phone

In the next few days I move from the world of Palm to a world of Droid.  I considered the iPhone as well, but aside from a jailbreak, I am convinced the Droid is better out of the box.  My choice in particular is the newest addition, the HTC EVO.
It wasn’t the 4G aspect, let me get that that straight.  4G is getting better here in Richmond, but it is still spotty.  It was actually just the fact that every time I went somewhere to inquire about the upgrade being offered me by Sprint, the reps would manage to slip in “If you can, wait for the EVO”  Well it’s here and I am ready to just get it done.

In preparation, I am updating my GMail account (which I never use) and integrating it with my iCal and Address Book (AB).  I am on a MacBook Pro these days and was syncing my 755p Treo with my Mac via Bluetooth.  Through the Conduit Manager, my Treo contacts were getting dumped into AB and the calendar items went into iCal, which makes the transition really simple because both of those apps work seamlessly with Google, and Google is the basis for the EVO. To ensure the data gets there, I use GSync which handles moving the contacts back and forth from AB to GMail Contacts.

Now I am eager to follow this latest update regarding an extra $10 per month fee that Sprint is charging when you add the HTC EVO to your account.  Read more about the “Awesomeness Fee” here.  There is also talk of Sprint beginning to “throttle” data, basically exercising their ability to limit your bandwidth as they see fit while you pay premium prices for it.  Let’s see how long this will last.

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