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Fix your Pandora/Rhapsody issues on the HTC EVO

So recently, Pandora on my EVO has been cutting off the end of songs and just dropping in general.  I had 4G enabled in the beginning but found it is still not worth the battery drainage to use, so cancel that as a reason.  I also have Rhapsody installed to accomodate my ToGO account (which is amzing!) and unlike Pandora, allows you to choose what songs you want to hear.  I found that Rhapsody was broken as well.  The app starts, my playlists load, I see the album art, and the songs dump into queue, but no music plays.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps many times along with other Googled fix solutions, but only one stood up and did the trick.
First you will need your MLS code (basically a password) so your first task is to call your tech support.  A little bit of social engineering goes a long way here and the tech should have no problem giving you the code.  Your script should be something to the effect of:

“Hey, I just did an update to my EVO and now my apps dont work, my Sirrius or XM apps.  I have been on with Tech Support a couple of times and we went through the steps and now I cant find where I wrote down the MLS code he gave me.”

This should get you the code, but if yours is like mine, he wanted to know what i was going to change so I followed with:

“I am supposed to zero out the HTTP PD Proxy numbers”

Once you get your code, close the running apps then follow this simple fix:

1) Dial ##3282#
2) Choose Edit Mode
3) Enter MSL
4) Choose Advanced
5) Change HTTP PD Proxy Port to: 0
6) Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:

Exit out of the mode and then try them again.
This fix worked like a charm the first time and now I have BOTH Rhapsody and Pandora back up again.

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