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Protein shake, when you wake…

I have finally settled on a company and now it’s time to pick a flavor…and this is hard.  I don’t know how many people currently believe in the whole “ingesting protein within thirty minutes of waking” concept, but for me, it has definitely contributed to my massive downward shift in weight.

The company is SYNTRAX and the product is their Nectar lineup.  These tubs retail $45 and you can get them for $35 at the Vitamin Shoppe but you can buy them from ProSource.Net for $25 and change (i figure after shipping ($5.95) if i need it quick, whats $10?).  This shit is AMAZING.

I use two level scoops with 14 ounces of water in a colorful shaker bottle.  I have tried three different flavors so far and

each time, think I have found my favorite.  But first, look at the specs to the right ——->
NO fat, NO sugar, NO carbs 23 grams of whey protein isolate and ONLY 90 calories per scoop (so 180 calories/46 grams of protein).

[I will admit, prior to this I actually tried the Carnivore (beef protein isolate) powder and like Perrynator over at says:

If you are looking for:
A.  A change
B.  A fruit flavored protein shake
C.  A hint of steak in your protein
D. Chunks of what seems to be meat in your shake
E.  Gas that will shake the earth
Then go for it!

Well I did and it was awful.  It was fruity, but in a sweet, regurgitation kind of way, and yes chunks, lots of ’em.]

My first Syntrax purchase was the Lemon Tea flavor (being the Southern man I am). Two scoops in a blending bottle and 14 oz of cold water produced quite a froth but the mix is very soluble and damn, this tastes just like store-bought Nestea Lemon flavored tea and nothing like my mom’s.  Pour it over ice and sit on your front porch goodness though!
Honestly , I would wake up and drink and then have another double-scoop before bed.  After a while though, I did get tired of the lemon taste so early in the morning.

The next flavor I bought was the Fuzzy Navel.  I was reading a review online and some guy was talking about how he poured it over ice and could convince himself it was a cocktail.

Sidenote: I used to drink Screwdrivers for breakfast back in my wilder days, so just add some peach schnapps and we are good!
Same blending method, this by far had less froth to it and yes, it was very cocktail-ish, though I would better describe it as an awesome, healthy glass of Tang.  I will definitely keep a tub of this around as it was best for a morning shake.

I am on my third tub now, and for this flavor I allowed the chocolate fiend in me to dictate, so I chose from the Sweets line, Chocolate Truffle.  Holy crap, this is good!  Okay so for comparison, my friend prefers the chocolate Jay Robb Egg White Protein (which per scoop has NO fat, NO sugar, 4 grams of carbs, and 120 calories) and while that sure tastes yummy, for two level scoops, you get 8 carbs and 20 more calories!  WTF.  haha, but seriously Chocolate Truffle is chocolate awesomeness. With the blender bottle, two scoops and 14 oz of water you get little to no froth and it is creamy chocolate.  Perfect for any before bed craving and super good for you.  I am definitely going to keep this around for the night, because for some reason I have to have chocolate before bed.

I don’t know how many more flavors I am going to try as I am a true creature of habit, but I am totally content now with my two favs enough to share.  If you decide to try them out, good luck and remember, these are WHEY protein isolates, so if you don’t do whey you will feel it.  I have heard that you can drop the same pill you would take before guzzling a gallon of milk if you are lactose intolerant and it will help your whey issues.  Let me know your thoughts!

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