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Going caveman.

A recent post from Four Hour Body author Tim Harriss, has once again changed my diet perspective.  Someone who had been following the slow carb diet had made a couple of simple modifications and now fell into what is called a Paleo Diet.  I had heard of this before reading 4HB, but never gave it any thought and
now it makes total sense!  So to back up a bit, I started the slow carb diet with the typical eggs, spinach, chicken ingredients. For dinner I was cooking a nice cut of meat with more spinach, a juicy tomato, and a handful of Brazil nuts.  I relied heavily on the Livestrong MyPlate Calorie Counter and after I fell into habit, I stopped counting.  It has been smooth sailing since, but this new change has made this slow carb diet even better.

The main difference is in the meat:  Grain fed vs Grass fed and to some degree includes Grass fed/Grain finished.  Whether it is chicken or beef or whatever, a natural stress-free life make a huge difference in the end product.  Read more about the argument against grain-fed on EATWILD and you will understand too.  But better than that, go to your local Health Food store and purchase a cut of 100% grass-fed meat.  I prefer a rib eye (or Delmonico to some).  Cook your grocery store regular cut next to the grass-fed cut.  They both cook to perfection, though the grain produces more flammable fat than the grass.  The grass is extremely lean, yet soft and very flavorful.   The fat from both meats will melt in your mouth and the best part is that the grass-fed fat is just healthier fat.  Expect to pay around $13-18 per pound as well.  I have found the places that sell this meat, knew this meat.  Now that this change is in place I hope to see a decrease in my meat-induced lethargy.

Locally I have found the following places to have the best selections of meat:
Belmont Butchery – They carry all 3 types fed meat for the wallet conscious.  Get on the mailing list to know when the fresh meat arrives.
Farm to Family – This used to be a colorful bus that had regular stops but now you can visit their indoor market, which is amazeballs.
Ellwood Thompson’s – on the corner of Ellwood & Thompson.

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