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“Django Unchained” stereoscopic photo.

When Django is back at “Candie”land, he first visits the Trackers, who seem to be going about their business at the end of the day.  As the interior shack shot opens, we hear the amazing track by Brother Dege “Too Old to Die Young” and we see the mysterious (and jawless apparently) female tracker played by Zoe Bell, looking at this image with a stereoscope:

[click for full image]

I have looked all over and through the trivia that is out regarding this movie, dragged it into Google Image, and even uploaded it to and have not yet been able to uncover this backstory.  I also tweeted Zoe to ask her!  Maybe it’s nothing at all, but I do know that after reading the script [which is available HERE] I didn’t find any information at all.  A female tracker was not even in there though there were several scenes in the script as well that were edited out that will be nice to see when the “5 hour Director’s Cut” comes out!

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