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My Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Tray collection is now for sale.

Morpho_didius_Male_Dos_MHNTThe Blue Morpho, to me, is the most beautiful insect there is (well, one side of it at least).  They are tropical by nature and are found natively in South America.  If you are lucky enough to have a Botanical Garden in your area, you should check to see if they celebrate butterflies and ask if they house the Blue Morpho.

My best research shows that in and around the 1920’s, these butterflies were captured for masks and other art forms.  At some point they became the “sky” for reverse paintings on glass as well as other forms, like jewelry.

You can always find a beautiful pair of cufflinks or a broach that uses the deep and mesmerizing metallic blue in a vintage or antique shop.

When I was little, my mother always had a piece hanging up in the house.  I stared at it constantly.  I couldn’t understand how it could be so deep and rich in color and change completely when the light hit it differently.  I grew up with this and later on, she passed it on to me.  This one… is NOT for sale.

While stopping through an antique store in the Shenandoah Valley I saw another tray and freaked out.  It was only $50 so I bought it immediately.  I was so happy and started looking everywhere, but never had the same luck.  Then along came Ebay.  I obsessed for a while on these trays and then I calmed down.  So now here I am, sharing with you, and offering them up.  I dont want to go through Ebay on this, and I am in no rush whatsoever to sell, but if the right person comes along and wants to take them all (except for one) then send me that email.

Morpho Christ

Every now and then I would run into some crazytown art, like this wonder picture of Jesus adorned with morpho wings.  What makes this piece so cool is that it is inside of a large heavy box frame, under glass.  Inside the box is a single night-light bulb that when illuminated, shines through hundreds of tiny holes poked  in patterns all around the Jesus.  I currently have this for sale as well.  The cord is spliced very poorly and will need to be redone.  This is the only piece I have like this and this size as well [huge].

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